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Is ExtraTorrents Down?

ExtraTorrent (extratorrent.cc) shut down permanently on May 17, 2017.

Alternatives to ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent (ET), one of the world’s largest torrent indexes, can’t be accessed in many countries due to ISPs blocking efforts. The torrent sites provides an easy-to-use download directory and torrent search engine for all kind of torrent files. With the ongoing popularity of torrent sites in India, United Kingdom and Australia, website blocking of Extratorrent’s extratorrent.cc became an all-purpose state in these countries.

Many fast and safe ExtraTorrent proxy sites have been established and since then provide full access to the original site. For a period of time such proxy sites were prevented to act as a reverse proxy site by the original ExtraTorrent site. This procedure was started because of many malicious proxies.

Alternative Movie and TV Show Torrents

Over the years many ExtraTorrent copycats emerged and provide a torrent index for the latest HD movies and TV series under the ExtraTorrent umbrella. Most of these mirrors are blocked in countries around the world but can be accessed by using a classic proxy site. You can choose from various working links from the proxy list below.

  • Extratorrent unblock
  • extratorrent.cc unblocked
  • Extratorrents proxy

ExtraTorrent Proxy List

A list of ExtraTorrent proxy sites and mirrors.
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