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What is EZTV Torrents?

EZTV is a popular term when it comes to torrenting TV shows and movies. The EZTV torrent site provides the latest TV shows, anime,  documentaries and series in many languages. Use the search box to find the shows you are looking for and then download the torrent via magnet link. The well organized categories are a nice feature when you are not 100 percent sure of what you are looking for.

The original team behind EZTV.it / EZTV.ch found it’s domains hijacked one day and stopped working on the TV torrent tracker. The company behind the current clone with it’s website EZTV.re has become a prominent spin-off for the legendary EZTV.

Unblock EZTV mirrors

Since EZTV is blocked in many regions you need to pick a working proxy site. EZTV keeps moving it’s torrent site to new domains frequently. Try one of the latest online proxies from the list below.

  • EZTV unblock
  • EZTV.ag proxy
  • EZTV unblocked

EZTV Proxy List

A list of EZTV proxy sites and mirrors.
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